Two Couples, Giardino Bardini, Frienze, Italia, 2014

Douglas Prince

Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Reconstruction of the Stibadium of Plinius 1842

Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Altes Museum, Berlin. 1824-28

The “Greek revival” phase of Neoclassicism was pioneered on a small scale in England, but was quickly taken up everywhere. The Altes Museum is a spectacular example. The main entrance resembles a Doric temple seen from the side, but with Ionic columns strung across a Corinthian order. The measured rhythm of the monumental facade establishes a contemplative mood appropriate to viewing the art of antiquity. To the poet Goethe, Greece remained the peek of the civilization.

Alexander Flocke: Das altehrwürdige “Alte Museum” in Berlin-Mitte am frühen Morgen #var1

Altes Museum, Berlin, built by Karl Friedrich Schinkel between 1823-1830